Our Intake Process

In partnering with us, you gain not merely a service provider but a strategic consultant committed to achieving exceptional outcomes aligned with your business goals. Our process includes:

  • Complementary Strategy Call: The first step in our partnership is a no-obligation, complementary strategy call. During this session, we engage with you to understand your business objectives, challenges, and specific marketing needs. This call serves as the foundation for our subsequent strategic planning.
  • Customized Onboarding: Upon engagement, the initial month is dedicated to a structured onboarding process. We customize our range of tools, communication protocols, and workflow methodologies to ensure seamless integration with your existing business processes.
    • Strategic Planning: Once the initial onboarding is complete, we develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. This strategy is tailor-made to align with your business goals and provides a roadmap for measurable success.
    • Team Building (If Applicable): For clients opting for our comprehensive Insight and Execution service, the first month also involves the selection and onboarding of a bespoke in-house marketing team. Each member is vetted and experienced in your industry, prepared to deliver high-impact results.
  • Weekly Consultations: To maintain alignment and ensure timely execution, we schedule weekly meetings to review performance metrics, update on action items, and adjust strategies as needed. These meetings serve as a collaborative space for mutual growth.
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting: Transparency is integral to our partnership. Detailed monthly reports are provided to evaluate the efficacy of the marketing strategies deployed, offering insights into ROI and helping to calibrate future plans.

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