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Let CCM’s team of experienced Fractional CMOs take the reins of your marketing plan execution, ensuring seamless management, flawless integration, and exceptional results. Whether we manage your existing resources or build a bespoke team of creative professionals tailored to your industry, CCM’s Marketing Plan Execution service guarantees the success of your marketing efforts.

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CCM’s Marketing Plan Execution service covers all aspects of managing and implementing your marketing strategy. We collaborate with your team to determine the best course of action, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring the success of each marketing initiative. Our service includes:

Marketing Team Management: Supervising your existing marketing resources or assembling and managing a customized team of industry-experienced creative professionals.
Marketing Campaign Execution: Implementing marketing campaigns across various channels, ensuring a cohesive and targeted approach.
Progress Tracking and Reporting: Regularly monitoring campaign performance, providing updates to company leadership, and making data-driven decisions to optimize results.
Vendor Collaboration and Coordination: Establishing strong relationships with your current vendors and efficiently managing communication to ensure seamless integration.
Ongoing Strategy Optimization: Continuously analyzing and adjusting marketing strategies to stay ahead of industry trends and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.


Partnering with CCM for Marketing Plan Execution offers numerous advantages:

Expert Management: Trust in the expertise of our Fractional CMOs to manage your marketing resources and deliver outstanding results.
Flexibility: Adapt to your company’s unique needs with the option to utilize your existing team or have us build and manage a bespoke team of industry-specific creative professionals.
Streamlined Process: Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of having a single point of contact, responsible for coordinating and overseeing all aspects of your marketing plan execution.
Measurable Results: Benefit from ongoing performance tracking and reporting, ensuring full transparency and a data-driven approach to optimization.

Pricing and Packages

CCM offers flexible pricing options for our Marketing Plan Execution service, tailored to your company’s specific requirements and budget. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs and receive a customized quote.

Need Both Strategy and Execution? We’ve Got You Covered

We Can Build a Bespoke Team of Industry Experts to Enhance Your Fractional CMO Experience

While our team of Fractional CMOs focuses on providing expert consulting and management services, we understand that some businesses may require a more comprehensive approach to their marketing efforts. That’s why CCM offers an optional full-service marketing package, where we build and manage a fully bespoke team of proven creative professionals.

By opting for our full-service marketing add-on, you’ll benefit from a custom tailored team of SaaS industry experts who collaborate closely with your Fractional CMO to deliver exceptional results for your software business. This fully integrated approach allows you to take full advantage of our marketing expertise while maintaining focus on your core business operations. Unlike most other marketing agencies, each team is built to the needs of the customer, so 100% of your budget goes to where it’s most effective. 


Q: How does the onboarding process work for the Marketing Plan Execution service?

A: The onboarding process begins with a comprehensive review of your current marketing strategy, team, and vendor relationships. We then create a one-page marketing plan that outlines the services required and how we can best fill any gaps or optimize existing resources.

Q: Can CCM work with our in-house team and external vendors simultaneously?

A: Yes, CCM’s Fractional CMOs are experienced in managing diverse marketing teams and coordinating with various vendors. We can seamlessly integrate our services into your existing marketing structure to ensure optimal results.

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