We fuel remarkable revenue growth for community banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders. Our experience in increasing loan volume from $21M to $38M showcases our profound understanding of the unique marketing needs within the financial sector.

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At CoCreative Mgmt., we specialize in providing part-time or temporary Chief Marketing Officer services to community banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time resource.

Our team of experienced marketing professionals has extensive knowledge and expertise in helping financial institutions achieve their marketing goals and objectives, leveraging tailored strategies to drive growth and success.


The financial industry is always changing, with new trends and challenges. At CCM, we keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the market. Here are some of the trends and challenges affecting Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Lenders, and how our Fractional CMOs can help you deal with them.


Digital transformation: The rapid shift towards digital platforms, mobile banking, and fintech solutions is driving financial institutions to rethink their marketing strategies and embrace new technologies to stay competitive.

Personalization: Customers increasingly expect personalized and seamless experiences across all touchpoints. Financial institutions need to leverage data-driven insights and customer segmentation to create tailored messaging and offerings.

Evolving regulations: The financial industry faces constant changes in regulatory requirements and compliance standards, necessitating ongoing adjustments to marketing approaches and messaging.

Shifting customer demographics: As younger generations become more influential consumers, financial institutions must adapt their marketing strategies to engage and retain these audiences effectively.



Building trust and credibility: In an industry where trust is paramount, financial institutions must develop marketing strategies that convey their commitment to security, transparency, and customer-focused solutions.

Differentiating from competitors: With numerous financial institutions vying for market share, creating a unique and compelling brand identity is crucial for standing out and attracting new customers.

Navigating marketing restrictions: Financial institutions must carefully navigate marketing restrictions and compliance requirements, balancing their need to engage customers with the need to adhere to industry regulations.

Enhancing customer retention: With increasing competition and consumer choice, financial institutions must focus on improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value through targeted marketing initiatives.

Managing changing market conditions: Financial institutions must be agile and responsive in their marketing efforts to address fluctuations in interest rates, shifts in mortgage demand, and the introduction of new mortgage products, ensuring they effectively communicate these changes and remain competitive in a dynamic market landscape.

Our expert Fractional CMOs provide tailored marketing strategies for Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Lenders to stay ahead in the competitive financial industry. Contact us to learn how we can help your business grow and succeed.


Meet Andy, our expert Fractional CMO specializing in Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Lenders. With a proven track record of success in the Financial Services industry, Andy provides tailored marketing strategies to address your unique challenges and opportunities.

CCM Qualifications and Experience

8 years as Vice President of Marketing for a community bank

Led the digital transformation of marketing efforts, transitioning from traditional advertising to digital channels

Transformed traditional advertising methods into digital initiatives, saving over $50k and increasing ROI by 12 times; increased website visits by 325%, newsletter subscriptions by 135%, and successfully launched the bank’s first mobile app

Finance Industry Accomplishments: Improved new customer growth by 17%, increased loan volume from $21M to $38M, and reduced annual marketing expenses by $75,000

Successfully managed a team of marketing professionals, freelancers, and agencies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement

CCM Industry Specific Knowledge

Proficient in financial industry compliance and regulatory requirements for marketing campaigns

Expertise in customer acquisition strategies specific to the financial sector, such as targeting high-net-worth individuals and niche markets

Knowledge of financial product marketing, including deposit accounts, loans, and investment services

Deep understanding of the competitive landscape and emerging fintech trends, enabling agile adaptation of marketing strategies

Experience in building strategic referral partnerships with businesses in the financial ecosystem, such as real estate agents and accountants

At CoCreative Mgmt., we understand the unique marketing needs and challenges of the financial industry. Our Fractional CMOs, like Andy, have the expertise and industry knowledge to help your financial institution navigate these complexities and drive growth.



Marketing challenges faced by Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Lenders are unique, requiring expert knowledge and specialized marketing strategies. Our Fractional CMO service provides your business with industry-specific expertise to help you overcome these challenges and achieve your marketing goals.

Ensuring your efforts meet compliance and regulatory considerations: Ensuring that marketing campaigns adhere to industry regulations while effectively reaching target audiences can be a complex task. A Fractional CMO with financial services experience can help organizations navigate these requirements while delivering impactful marketing strategies.

Building brand credibility and trust: Establishing trust in the financial sector is critical. Fractional CMOs can help organizations build strong brands that resonate with target customers and instill confidence in their services.

Leveraging data-driven decision-making: Financial service providers have access to a wealth of customer data. A Fractional CMO can help organizations utilize this data to create targeted, personalized marketing campaigns that drive results.

Optimizing digital channels for lenders: With the rise of fintech and digital banking, it’s crucial for financial service providers to optimize their online presence. A Fractional CMO can assist in implementing effective digital marketing strategies, including website optimization, search engine marketing, and social media campaigns.

Enhancing customer acquisition and retention for banking, loan, and other financial service related products: Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is crucial for financial service providers to expand their customer portfolios. Our Fractional CMOs can develop targeted acquisition and retention strategies that focus on delivering value and fostering long-term relationships with customers

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Our Fractional CMOs help Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Lenders overcome marketing challenges and drive growth. Contact us to learn how we can help with brand awareness, customer acquisition, lead generation, and more.

Balancing traditional and digital marketing efforts: Striking the right balance between traditional advertising methods and digital marketing channels for maximum impact and reach.

Staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements: Keeping up with the fast-paced changes in the financial sector and leveraging new technologies to enhance marketing strategies.

Expanding market presence: Navigating challenges related to entering new markets or expanding existing market shares in a competitive environment.

Measuring marketing ROI effectively: Establishing appropriate metrics and methodologies to accurately gauge the success of marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Managing multi-channel marketing campaigns: Coordinating various marketing efforts across different platforms, ensuring consistent messaging and maximum effectiveness.


Enhancing internal marketing team capabilities: Identifying skill gaps within the in-house marketing team and providing necessary resources, training, or external support to ensure optimal performance.



Maximize the impact of your Fractional CMO engagement by incorporating our full suite of marketing services tailored to the unique needs of financial institutions. Our team of skilled professionals will work closely with your Fractional CMO to address your institution’s common pain points and deliver exceptional results.

This add-on complements the strategic guidance of your Fractional CMO, ensuring seamless execution and management of all marketing initiatives.

Our full-service marketing package for Financial institutions include (but not limited to): 

Integrated marketing strategy: Implement a comprehensive marketing plan that combines traditional and digital channels, including direct mail, print advertising, radio, television, Google Ads, social media advertising, and email marketing campaigns.

Public relations and media outreach: Enhance your institution’s visibility and credibility by securing strategic media placements, press coverage, and thought leadership opportunities.

Event marketing and sponsorship: Identify and leverage industry events, trade shows, and sponsorship opportunities to increase your institution’s brand awareness and connect with your target audience in person.

Local community engagement: Strengthen your institution’s presence in the local community through grassroots marketing initiatives, partnerships, and sponsorships with local organizations, events, and causes.

In-branch marketing and collateral: Create impactful and informative marketing materials, such as brochures, posters, and signage, to support your in-branch marketing efforts and drive customer engagement.

Customer relationship management (CRM): Implement and optimize CRM systems and processes to enhance customer communication, retention, and loyalty.

Marketing analytics and performance tracking: Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across both traditional and digital channels, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

By incorporating these targeted services into your Fractional CMO engagement, your financial institution will be better positioned to overcome common marketing challenges and achieve its goals. Unlike most other marketing agencies, each team is built to the needs of the customer, so 100% of your budget goes to where it’s most effective.

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